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Last Orders On The Underground

What an amazing night! While some of the media get into a frenzy over a few idiots attempting to spoil the fun, only those who attended will know just how lovely a night it was.

On the trains

Those who managed to get an exclusive place on one of the Circle Line trains will forever be remembered as the last ever people to drink alcohol on the London Underground. And they did it with such style...

A collage of photos from the parties on the Circle Line trains

At Liverpool Street

However, thousands more turned up than could ever fit on the trains! This didn't stop what turned into an equally astounding party.

A collage of photos from the party at Liverpool Street

Quotes and stories

Some media seem to be suggesting that everything was a failure and a horrible time was had, yet most of the most oppiniated comments came from people who weren't present.
Here's what I heard from actual attendees:

What a great party! It was like the old school clubbing.
I got on the Circle Line at about 8pm with my son. We both had a fab time. People were so friendly and happy.
My boy had fruitshoot and I had wine. Later people were giving me a drink or two. LU staff was very helpful. 'My' carriage gave underground staff cans of beer. We had an old lady from US coming on the train. I told her this is the party carriage. She said "I gathered that!" and laughed.
My boy got given a velcro ball toy by a girl called Thalia. People came on and played velcro ball with my boy. He was enthused.
We ended up getting stuck in Edgware Road in the end and got help from LU staff getting home. Saw no violence. Just met happy party people. We can say 'We were there'! Cheeeeers!
The most peaceful and fun loving party
Everyone i saw was having such an amazing amazing time, laughing, singing, drinking, dancing and chattering away!
I've lived in London all my life and that was probably the best night involving the tube ever and I didn't witness any of the fighting either! Hurrah!
Commuters who knew nothing about the party were made to feel more than welcome. One gentleman's journey of 5 stops ended up taking him over an hour, but he was still all smiles due to the warm atmosphere and generosity of the party goers
I've got to say i had an awesome time last night. Met some really good people and had a great time. I didn't see any aggro or anything like that whilst i was on the train. Everyone on our carriage was good natured and fun loving.
You'll notice that the press are trying to make it sound as if it was a terrible time. Playing up the actions of the few that caused trouble. Now i think that having only 17 arrests out of the sheer amount of people there is pretty good going. There shouldn't have been any arrests but unfortunately that's just people for you.

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Photo thanks: Souren 72